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On Friday, January 31st, the Chinese people celebrates New Year. 2014 is the year of the horse. Last year, it was the year of the snake... ooooh... Do you know why Chinese chooses a different animal each year? Why don't they have zodiac signs like us?...

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Watch the news broadcast on English television and answer the following questions: - Quel est le nom de la chaîne télé? Quel est le nom de la journaliste? - Par quoi commence la journaliste?

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In class, we've been talking about famous 1920's American gangsters such as Al Capone. In the secret conversation you heard him and two members of his mob, Frank and Ralph. Who were these men? Have a look at those Wikipedia links to learn more about 1920's...

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Ce chapitre va être rythmé par la musique jazzy des années 20 aux États-Unis, et plus précisément celle des cabarets de Chicago, capitale de l'état de l'Illinois. Nous commencerons donc ce chapitre en évoquant quelques jazzmen célèbres ainsi que l'état...

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Tag(s) : #4ÈME, #THE USA, #MUSIC